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Good news: La Capitale is becoming Beneva!

Starting in 2022, La Capitale will gradually change to Beneva’s colours! A new name, with a friendly, dynamic logo, reflects who we are: People looking out for people.

Rest assured, it’s business as usual! Your current policy stays the same, you have the same coverage, and we’ll continue to be there for you.

A phased transition

In order to continue to offer you the best customer experience, a phased approach to La Capitale’s transition to Beneva will be used. You will therefore see co-branding of both logos in our documentation until 2023.

Beneva has 5,000 people ready to look after you and ensure you have a personalized, friendly and attentive experience.

Answers to your questions

What changes will be made to digital platforms (the Client Centre and the app)?

Our website and the Client Centre will have a beautiful new design. Customers will continue benefiting from streamlined content and easier, more intuitive navigating that will allow them to rapidly find what they are looking for. Logging in to the Client Centre will be fast and easy, and customers will have access to the usual features.

The La Capitale mobile app will become the Beneva app, and customers can use it with the same login information. It’ll also be fast and easy to use!

Changes to the corporate structure

In 2020, La Capitale and SSQ Insurance decided to join forces to become Beneva. However, there are still several legal stages before these two entities can become one. Here’s a partial list:

  • As of January 2022, La Capitale Financial Services Inc. will become Beneva Inc. In addition to continuing with its current activities, it will become, along with its network of affiliated agents and agencies, the exclusive distributor of La Capitale General Insurance products in 2022 under the name “Beneva by La Capitale”.
  • Following this change, La Capitale General Insurance will remain the insurance company but will no longer be the distributor of its products to the public. Contracts held by insureds of La Capitale General Insurance will not be impacted by this change, since this entity will continue to settle and pay out claims.
  • Note that during this same year, Beneva will not be an insurance company, but rather an intermediary for the distribution of property and casualty insurance and life insurance products offered by La Capitale.
  • As for SSQ Insurance, it will continue its activities autonomously and without changes in 2022 as in previous years, with the exception of its commercial property insurance portfolio, which will gradually be taken over by La Capitale General Insurance on the contract renewal dates.
  • SSQ Insurance will become Beneva at a later stage.

Thank you for placing your trust in us!

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